Direct MP3 Recorder Free


Automatically record from your sound card to MP3


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Direct MP3 Recorder is an interesting tool that's also very simple to use. It allows you to directly record any sound that's playing through your sound card onto your computer.

This program has a charming, friendly interface that makes it very easy to use, and very accessible right from your options panel that's already included.

Direct MP3 Recorder is capable of recording 4 different formats of sounds: MP3, OGG, WAV, and WMA, letting you configure quality setting as you please at any time for each recording.

Also, you'll get to select the entry route you want via several different options like: your system microphone, real time playing, entry line, phone line, etc. You can also automatically program it to turn off both for Direct MP3 Recorder and for your whole machine in case you want to leave your desktop unattended while recording something.
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